Dj Jeff Dreyer

Dj Jeff Dreyer


Dj Guess

Dj Jeff Dreyer has been both a wedding dj and karaoke host since 2012. Jeff brings diversity in being able to mix music as a club dj as well as host karaoke in between or on the side! He Brings the energetic atmosphere and lighting as well as the professionalism and personality that helps him stand out. 

For Weddings Jeff will work with you every step of the way. We have tools in place to help you with your song selections, we can provide tips and guidance on things that pop up, and we have the flexibility  to adapt at the wedding to ensure things go smooth and stress free for you.

On the karaoke side of things Jeff has it covered! Personality and professionalism are the keys to a good host and Dj Guess strives to perfect both. He provides everything required from the microphones to the monitors.