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Pittsburgh Djs

Pittsburgh Djs

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The Pittsburgh Event Group is home to some of the best Pittsburgh Djs around! Our Pittsburgh djs are some of the best wedding, nightclub, trivia, and karaoke djs in the area! With a average current career of nearly 10 years our djs have the experience and talent to take YOUR event to the next level.


The Best Djs in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Event Groups main goal is for you to have the experience you and your crowd deserve. A fun, professional, and energetic/enthusiastic experience! The music, design style, and audiovisual production of an event should reflect your client’s brand, personality, style and taste. We love collaborating to find creative ways to offer that “wow” factor each event needs. In addition to providing phenomenal DJs… we are full production, so can also provide all your audiovisual needs with in-house designers for sound & lighting packages

 Wedding Djs in Pittsburgh

Our Pittsburgh wedding djs have mastered the room. They are flexible, adaptable, creative, and professional. From the first initial conversation till after the event they are here for you! We have tools in place to help with song suggestions, time line templates, and personal experiences to help make your big day represent you. They can all read a crowd and manipulate the dance floor all while fitting in your must play songs as well as guest requests. We love to mix the classics with the currents creating a musical journey for every guest in the room.

Pittsburgh wedding djs
Wedding Dj

Night Club Djs in Pittsburgh

Our Night Club djs are some of the best in Pittsburgh.  Residencies all over the area from the north shore, south side, north hills, south, hills, Morgantown, Ohio, and Oakland. They all bring a professional experience to the table. Seamlessly blending the music, transitioning tempo, and reading the room. Each dj is considered an “open format” dj, This is where they are able to perfectly match the rooms vibe. From hip hop, edm, R&B, country, and more are all on the table!

Trivia Djs in Pittsburgh

Our trivia Djs in Pittsburgh are fun and outgoing. They have set questions as well as the ablity to work with you on a theme or specific style of questions you would like! We have done steelers trivia at a steelers prep event, penguins trivia before a pens game, and regular bar trivia often! It’s a fun crowd pleaser and source of entertainment that’s been super successful to capture the happy hour crowd!

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Karaoke Djs in Pittsburgh

Our karaoke Djs in Pittsburgh are among the best! We have a venue where we provide karaoke djs 7 days a week! So we have some experience here! We bring the music, videos, and mics and the party is on! It’s a great source of entertainment for everyone, whether you sing and want to rock the stage or sit back relax & laugh its always a great time!

We thank you for checking out our company! We know there are a lot of options when it comes to finding Djs in Pittsburgh and we value your time educating your self on the service and inquiring our services. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or comments. We are a fun group of people trying to make the world a little happier of a place one song at a time! Whether you are a venue owner, wedding couple, or someone needing a dj we truly appreciate the opportunity in talking to you about your event! 

Lastly, we also do venue installations for sound and lighting, we can recommend the best options for both you and your budget. We work with some pretty amazing venues in Pittsburgh and would love to assist you with anything you may need.