Photo Booth Options

Every photo booth offers a fun and memorable experience, but not every photo booth is the same! Find the perfect option thats right for you!

Find Your Perfect Photo Booth

Traditional Photo Booth

This photo booth is for the “Classic Photo Booth rental” experience. Grab your prop, pose for the series of pictures then collect your instantly printed photo strip!  

gold photo booth example
Social Photo booth Gif

Social Photo Booth

This is the most modern photo booth rental we have! Its packed with customizable features for YOUR needs! We can do Single picture, Multi Picture (like a photo strip), as well as both Gif and Boomerangs! This booths experiences send straight to the guests phone with a custom  interface designed for YOU, from here the guest can share to all social media as well as save it! You get a instant link to all of the experinces as well!

Selfie Photo Booth

This is our solution for both budget and space concerns! We can take up as little as 2 square feet! Yep… Along a wall in a busy hallway, In a corner, Near the bar, next to the dance floor….. the list goes on! Its packed with the same experiences from the social booth with a more simplistic approach!

Selfie Photo booth gif

Virtual Photo Booth

The best option for budget friendly and digital booth possible! 
Our virtual photo booth experience is a perfect option for events that want a photo booth experience but are limited on space, budget, or location! This is a boothless experience! Usable anywhere!

Mirror Photo Booth

A timeless and classy photo booth experience. Our Mirror photo booth is sleek and modern with a large touch screen display! It allows for a creative and fun experience for you and your guests!

mirror photo booth pittsburgh

Roaming Photo Booth

The newest trend to 2020 and the solution to stationary! We’re introducing our new roaming photo booth! This can be utilized everywhere from cocktail hour to the dance floor and everywhere in between! Designed to capture that perfect picture, gif, or boomerang its quickly becoming our crowd favorite!


Thank you for your consideration! We know there are a ton of options when searching for a Pittsburgh photo booth. Our goal is to be adaptable to what your exact vision is. We use or traditional photo booth to give you the experience your familiar with, we use the roaming to get out and about and bring the party to you, our selfie and social booth are both super modern and fun options that get the guest a clear copy for that new facebook profile picture or instagram post. We even offer packages with djs to make it a one stop shop! For information on those packages head over to the Pittsburgh Event Group site!