photo booth rental Pittsburgh price

Photo Booth Rental Pittsburgh Price

Photo Booth Rental Pittsburgh Price

What is the average Photo Booth Rental Price in Pittsburgh, PA?

Ok! So you got engaged & you started wedding planning, awesome! As most planners suggest you start determining your budget – also awesome! Now you have to find out the average photo booth rental price in Pittsburgh, PA!

There are quite a few options for photo booth rentals in Pittsburgh. Photo booths definitely are a fun addition and can be great source of entertainment for guests but there are couple of things you will want to look into when choosing the right one!

The first should always be the quality of the photo booth! There are some crafty people out there who like to DIY things and the idea  of putting a camera and touch screen in a box sounds kind of easy… but if your like me and ever tried to make something that looked easy on Pinterest…. They just don’t hit the mark.  For us, Our booth were are all hand picked to be attractive, modern, and feature packed! We didn’t stop there… we chose a few different photo booths to make sure we had exactly what you were looking for!

Quality of the photos! We use the right tool for the job! Our slow motion photo booths use different cameras than our selfie station, our social booth uses different cameras than our traditional photo booth, its just about getting the right tool for the job! Each booth uses professional lighting to ensure a quality photo!

Customizations to make the photo booth YOUrs! We love to get creative and personal! We customize the photo strip designs to your wedding colors, theme, names, and just about every other aspect you can think of! We have fun and modern backdrops as well!

Now probably the most important thing to consider would be the customer service experience! A Quality customer service experiences is unmatched, the flexibility, the adaptability, professionalism, and experience should all be taken into consideration!

Photo booths are fun and a great addition to any party! But finding the right one is defiantly key! We have used our photo booths at everything from baby showers, holiday parties, weddings, trade shows, and more! All with different budgets and experience needs, We take pride in finding something that works with your needs and budget in mind!

As for the average photo booth rental Pittsburgh price? It seems to be in the $750 area for instant prints and text/email. For the social experience we have seen a good bit in the $600 area. We have found the perfect median and have both experiences above and below the average to meet the clients needs and budget! We have some starting at $400 and go up from there! If you want a personal quote we would love to talk to you and create that! Just Contact Us today!