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Photo Booth Experience In Pittsburgh, PA

The 360 Photo Booth is the hottest trend in events this year! From amazing weddings, corporate events, and private functions the 360 booth has been the go to hit around Pittsburgh!

Meet our 360 Photo Booth rental


Pittsburgh's Preferred 360 Photo Booth Rental

The Pittsburgh 360 Photo Booth offers event goers a luxury experience unlike any other. We incorporate music, video & effects in real time! Not only will the 360 Video Experience is an unforgettable memory, It gives your guest that celebrity vibe!

We are in a world where content is king. Our 360 Photobooth stands out with its unique experience that is brandable and social media optimized! We can add special effects and create a truly unique experience!

Our 360 photo booth is one of the biggest platforms out right now! The 360 photo booth rental can fit 3-4 of your friends on at once as its studio grade camera rotates around them creating an impactful variable speed style video, showcasing their look, energy, fashion, and more.

How a 360 photo booth rental works?

Want a peak into the back stage? Got it! We arrive about an hour – hour and half before the start time to set up the equipment and prepare the predetermined area. Once you give us a green light, we will encourage the guest to start to line up and get on the platform. Then its as simple as lights, camera, action! The arm will rotate a full 360 degrees, our software instantly process the file and its sharable to the world! Now your guests can head to the sharing station. Our software will process the video within just seconds it will transform the simple 360 into a fully edited file with the predetermined effects and overlays! With various social media and sharing options available, you can decide ahead of time exactly which platforms and sharing methods you’d like to offer your guests. Answer a couple questions, type in their email address, and press send –  all that’s left is to check their inbox!

Now you had a chance to understand how it works and what you can expect, but it is an investment, here are a few key points on the value the 360 photo booth rental brings to your event. As a host it communicates a few things to the guests such as, You value them! Providing such an amazing experience tells you guest that you want them to have a fun and memorable time! This is more than just the photo booths people are used to, we have them and love them, but the experience is not the same. This is unique and nothing cookie cutter about it. We invest the time, energy, and resources into bringing a one off stand out event. And lastly, you want them to feel like the celebrity you see them as! Your event can literally revolve around them!


Whats Standard & Whats Upgradable!
Prices starting at $999

The Standards

The Upgrades

No Props Are Included In Rental, We can send reccomendations to 3rd party packages

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 360 Photo Booth platform for guests! Up to 3-4 People per shot!
  • 360 Photo booth custom overlay/designs to your event
  • Adjustable arm for various video positions
  • Enhanced Wireless Lights surrounding the booth
  • Needs at least a 12’ square space to operate fully
  • Live online gallery
  • Photo Booth Attendent(s)

    Absolutely! Its half the fun! We recommend things such as bubbles, money, sparklers, confetti, and anything else you want to get creative with! (This is limited to venue, so inquire with us/or your venue director)

    We work with amazing corporate photo booth clients all the time. We would love to discuss some creative options to customize your 360 phoot booth rental

    Absolutely! 1 is perfect in most cases, however our trade show clients and bigger events could definitely utilize the additional stands!

    We are working on getting our gallery uploaded with examples! Just inqurie and il send them over!

    Backdrops are available to be purchased at an additional cost. There are a variety of options you can go with to brand your background. Some of these options may be dependent on the amount of space you have available in your venue. Please note that using a backdrop increases the space requirements for the 360 Booth setup.

    Some backdrop options are-

    – Full 360 Backdrop
    – 180 degree backdrop
    – Branding Banners

    Safety is the most important thing here, we suggest 12×12 for the best placement

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