Roaming Photo Booth

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The Roaming
Photo Booth

Soooo…. It doesnt get more convenient than this! How about a photo booth that comes to you! Whether you want photos around cocktail hour, capturing those sweet moves on the dancefloor, or at a corporate event we are there! Literally!

Meet The Roaming Photo Booth


This is our Roaming Photo Booth, its super modern and engaging! Its fully customizable from the touch screens, templates, experiences, and even the mobile interface! We currently have 4 options for the social booth! It can do Single photo, multi photo, gif, and boomerang! From here the guest text or email their experiences straight to their phone where theres a custom interface designed for YOU! From here they can save it to their phone, upload it to facebook, instagram, snap chat, and twitter! The best part is you get a link to all of the experiences as well!


Whats Standard & Whats Upgradable!
Prices starting at $499

The Standards

The Upgrades

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