Traditional Photo Booth

The Traditional Photo Booth

Traditional booth

Where Contemporary meets Old School! Regardless of the event, the Traditional Booth let’s you take home memories with it’s nostalgic twist on modern technology!

Meet The Traditional Photo Booth


The Traditional Photobooth is both conventional and easy to use for people of all ages! The booth design is simple, making it good for customizing it’s look for your specific event! The touch screen format makes each use extremely user friendly and a solid pick for high traffic occasions (weddings, corporate events, etc.) The Traditional Booth uses a high quality camera that prints out photos in seconds, so it’s convenient and timely! The genuine photo booth experience!

What Is Standard & Whats Upgradable!
Prices starting at $600

The Standards

The Upgrades

No Props Are Included In Rental, We can send reccomendations to 3rd party packages

Additional Photo Booth Options

The Social Booth