Wedding Planning in Uncertain Times

Wedding Planning In Uncertain Times

Our views on planning a wedding under stressful circumstances

Look Pittsburgh can feel it, Pennsylvania as a whole can feel it, the entire country and the world is feeling it. Feel what? The effects of the world wide pandemic that has brought the entire world to a halt!  As millions of people try to adjust to a new way of life and deal with the effects of the outbreak; these unfortunate circumstances have left many couples in a Proverbial no man’s land!

Wedding Planning

There is a lot happening and it can be overwhelming between venues canceling your date, having guests who can’t or aren’t able to attend, and not to mention the possibility of vendors having to pull out. An ironic twist as it seems so much is happening, while you can do so little about it..right?

Wrong! Very wrong! That said, there aren’t any REAL guarantees on when this awful predicament will end. That doesn’t mean however, that you are powerless in the situation. Take the initiative in communicating with your venue and vendors, and by the way your wedding DJ would be a great start! Find out what they are offering and how flexible they are when it comes to your needs. Rescheduling can be tricky but you shouldn’t make a decision based solely on availability. If there’s anything this mess has given us, it’s the gift of time!

Take time and figure out what will make both you and your fiancé happy because well, duh! Then just reach out to everyone! This puts you back in control of your day and your vision for it!

Wedding planning in uncertain times