Why work with the Pittsburgh Event Group

Why work with the Pittsburgh Event Group during these tough times?

Why work with the pittsburgh event group

“ Throwing a big party where people just had fun, could dance to good music, and drink lots of beer!” This quote is important. Couples across the country have had that very same vision for their big day put in peril. To get a better idea of what our couples and just couples in general are thinking, you should ask them. So We did! We’ve been speaking with brides both future and past, to get a mindset on what’s important to them in planning their reception.   


An overwhelming majority responded with the entertainment and people having a good time! Of course we received other answers; Venue and good food chiefly mentioned among them. But EVERY bride mentioned the DJ! 


So with millions of lives being affected on a daily basis, things have been uncertain, to say the least. The CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has limited or completely halted most businesses involved in the $72 Billion, yup I said BILLION, wedding industry. However, couples have been rolling with the punches. There still hasn’t been a lot of weddings being cancelled entirely. Couples have been postponing and rescheduling. With lives being turned upside down, it’s a fair request that this be an easy process. With Pittsburgh Event Group, it is!


As a Pittsburgh based company, we understand exactly how hard Pennsylvania has been impacted. A lot of vendors are local and/or small businesses and moving forward may become a practice in patience but one thing that helps us stand out is our online planner! It’s a virtual wedding coordinator in the palm of your hands! The planner keeps track of all your important info and can be altered at any time by you. With things constantly changing, you need an adaptable service that can adjust with you. The online planner is an easily accessible way to communicate with us anytime, and communication is the most important part of any successful relationship!        


We also offer a variety of ideas when it comes to deciding what music to request. The official Pittsburgh Event Group Spotify page has an entire catalog of Wedding playlists for a multitude of situations, styles, genres, and ceremonies. The main site also showcases the on staff  DJs with profiles and samples of their mixes for couples to listen to.


The quote from the top of this article came from a very credible source. Abigail Mathieu Swalga, A Co-Founder of Cheers To You, a wedding and event planning group that knows a thing or two about conducting a successful wedding reception. And personally, as an attendee at her wedding. She definitely succeeded in her mission, her wedding was a blast. Having the right vendors is important, choose wisely.


By the way here are a couple of great links to sources I used for this article, check them out! And directly below is a link to Abbi’s site for Cheers to You!







You can also visit www.CDC.gov for the latest news and updates