Are We boothing?

Pittsburgh Photo Booth Rentals

Learn a little more about why a photo booth is a perfect idea for any event!

Are We Boothin?!?

Do We Want A Photo Booth Rental Pittsburgh At Our Wedding? 

Dinner is over, all speeches have been eloquently (or hilariously) delivered and the dance floor is rocking; You even see your Grandma killing the Cupid Shuffle! Your dream reception is well underway. As you’re having the time of your life, you can look around and see all of the faces of your friends and family that took time out of their lives to be with you on your special day. That’s a powerful moment, and an equally fleeting moment as well. That Cousin you grew up with that was like a sister growing up, your college BFF that you hadn’t seen in months or even years, and those aunts & uncles you barely ever see but love like a second pair of parents; all there for you and in a few hours will be back to their lives as you ride off into the sunset!

“it was the cure for the wall flowers we never expected! My family never dances at weddings… its annoying but expected at this point. The booth was a total hit and ice breaker”

That’s why Photo Booths are so wonderful! Capturing moments with your loved ones is why you hire a photographer; but creating them is why you get a Photo Booth! Having your Grandfather wearing a Batman mask while hugging you and the love of your life isn’t something that happens everyday, if ever.

And one last note to factor in, NOT EVERYONE DANCES! No matter how talented the DJ, no matter how Open The Bar may be, some folks just don’t dance. Having an alternative activity for them is always nice, and creates an environment that still encourages sociable activity without alienating anyone.

Fact! You’re going to speak with a lot of people on your wedding day! As you go around talking with all of your guests, it’s unlikely you’ll remember everything that was said. But as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a 1,000 words”.

Photo Booth Rental Pittsburgh

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