Why The DJ Matters

Debating on having a Dj at your wedding?

Djing is more than just music, lets discuss

Why Having A DJ Matters

Lets discuss why having a Dj Matters!

In theory, the duties of your wedding vendors aren’t very complicated at all. You hire a photographer to take pictures, you get a caterer and a bakery to provide food and a wedding cake respectively, and you assign a DJ the task of making announcements and playing music. In THEORY, all simple responsibilities right? While the job descriptions may be simplistic, it’s safe to say poor execution from your vendors can absolutely ruin your reception.

Bad food would be a bummer for sure but an open bar can salvage your taste buds, and you may not be completely satisfied with your photos but more than likely you won’t see any of them until after your wedding day. The DJ (with the exception of your coordinator/planner) has the most impact on the day. From the music at the cocktail hour that sets a vibe for the evening to come, to each announcement made, and yes that includes your introduction to the world as newlyweds!


I personally think it’s a bad idea DJ’s are good to keep the party going, they can read the crowd and know what song to play next to keep guests happy especially if your guests really want to hear a certain song. You’re going to have to rent all the audio equipment anyways which will be a huge cost in itself whereas the DJ will bring all that with them. – Kiki from Wedding Wire

A good DJ keeps the flow of your reception smooth and on schedule. But more than that, a GREAT DJ gets to know their couple well enough to see their vision for the day and is prepared to fulfill it. Knowing a couples favorite song, or a college jam that all the groomsmen can belt out word for word. That’s how moments are created. First by having a DJ who is present and in tune with their couple and then by going beyond by providing the ”OMG” moments that your wedding guest will always remember!

Your wedding DJ can wear a lot of hats at your reception: Host, MC, Table Dismisser, and maybe play some music too. The thing to remember is that a good DJ is going to give you what you ask for, and a great DJ will give you what you didn’t even know you needed!

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